Chang-Tien Lu
Professor of Computer Science
ACM Distinguished Scientist
Faculty Fellow, College of Engineering
Associate Director, Discovery Analytics Center
Department of Computer Science
Virginia Tech, Northern Virginia Center
7054 Haycock Road, Room 312
Falls Church, VA 22043
Tel: (703) 538-8373
Fax: (703) 538-8348

General Chair Intl. Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases, 2017
Teaching: Gateway, My VT
  CS6604, 90688, Spatial Data Management, Fall 2018
  CS5944, 12804, Graduate Seminar, Spring 2018
  CS5604, 19702, Information Storage and Retrieval, Spring 2018
  CS5944, 82626, Graduate Seminar, Fall 2017
  CS5614, 19583 Database Management Systems, Spring 2017
  CS5944, 12659 Graduate Seminar, Spring 2017
AITVS System I, II, IV (HOV), Real-Time, Travel Time, Demo I, II, III, XWiki, Comparison
Seminar: Spatial Data Management Group, Computer Science (NVC)
Group Spatial Data Management LAB